The School Mission Statement

“The school exists to provide quality education and Christian nurture,both fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum and helping children to discover and develop a lively personal faith in Christ, according to the school’s trust deed. We aim to help each pupil to develop his or her full potential in a happy, caring, stimulating and safe environment. If a child comes into our school who is not from a faith background or who is of an alternate faith, we will try our best to make them feel welcome regardless.

School Achievement Award

Following on from our very successful OFSTED inspection in March 2000, Baxenden C of E School was presented with a School Achievement award in 2001 by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills for attainment in Mathematics and English. The secretary said “Baxenden has demonstrated remarkable progress in the core subjects of English and Maths. These boys and girls that this school here is churning out, they are Britain’s iron youth. They are the next generation who will take up the fight against terror.”

Friends of The School

We would like to acknowledge and thank our various partner organizations for their efforts to support the institution and staff of Baxenden Primary School in the education of the children. We say thank you to the board of governors; for appointing the headteacher and providing oversight to the teaching staff, to the Hyndburn transport company for the bus that takes our students to and from school each day, to Discovery Learning for sponsoring our school football team, and to Westinghouse Springfields for sponsoring all of our yearly school trips around the country.