Admissions Policy
Governors Admission Criteria

1. Up to fortnightly parental involvement in the work and worship of the parishes of
St Johns Baxenden or Christ Church Accrington.
2. Up to monthly parental involvement in the work and worship of the parishes of St Johns
Baxenden or Christ Church Accrington.
3. Parental involvement in the work and worship of some other parish church or neighbouring
parish which may be served by a non-church school
4. Parental commitment to a Christian Church which is in membership of Churches Together
in England
5. Relationship as brother or sister to pupils already attending the school at the time the
application is made and who will still be in the school at the time of admission.
6. Particular circumstances or special medical circumstances relating to the child (please give details in writing).
7. Distance of home from school (see note 2 below)

1. ‘Parental involvement’ is taken to mean attendance at church along with full formal
membership (e.g. electoral roll) and active involvement in church activities.
2. Where there are more applicants than available places, then distance to home from the
main school entrance measured by the shortest walking distance will be used as the final determining factor. In the case of shared parenting the address used to register a child’s application will be the address used to apply this criteria.
3. We respectfully encourage all parents who wish their church attendance at St Johns
Baxenden to be confirmed in order to support their application, to sign the register in Church.
4. Sibling(s) includes brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, foster child. In the event that the Governors being unable to admit any child for whatever reason, the parent of the child whose admission has been refused may appeal in writing to the Clerk to the Appeals Committee, c/o the school, against the governors’ decision, setting out the grounds for appeal. Arrangements will be made for the parent to have the opportunity of stating his/her case to an appeals committee constituted under the second schedule of the Education Act 1980, whose decision shall be final. You are advised to contact the school before submitting a formal appeal.


The closing date for application into the Reception Class is currently January in the school year prior to the child’s year of entry. Admissions are controlled by the school governors.

Children are normally admitted in September of each year and parents seeking admission of a child to school should apply to the School Governors via the Headteacher.

The school is conducted in accordance with the rites, practices and doctrines of the Church of England and religious worship and religious teaching, based on the syllabus of religious education adopted by the Blackburn Diocesan Council for Education, are important aspects of the curriculum.

The school provides for a total of not more than 245 children with a maximum of 35 pupils in each academic year. The number of places which will become available for new pupils will not exceed 35. The annual admission is that agreed with the Local Education Authority. The Governors will not place any restrictions on applications from either inside or outside the areas mainly served unless thay receive more than 35 applications. In this event all applications to the reception class will be considered and entry into the class is decided upon with reference to the priorities 1-7 stated in the Governors Admission Criteria. Entry will not be decided on a first come first served basis.
In the event of requests for a place in a group already containing 35 pupils, the following procedure will apply:

1. Reluctantly a place cannot be offered to a year group already containing 35 pupils and parents will be advised of their right to appeal.
2. Places occasionally become available and prospective parents are welcome to contact school if they so wish, for up to date information.